2017 Pre-Convention Deanery meetings

2017 Pre-Convention Deanery meetings

Attend a deanery meeting to learn what’s going on at the upcoming Diocesan Convention and get involved in collaborating with other Episcopal churches in your area. Links below include a map to each location.

  • Fort Worth West – Tuesday, Oct. 17; 5:30 pm at All Saints’, Fort Worth
  • Southwestern – Sunday, Oct. 22; 2:30 pm at St. Luke, Stephenville
  • Fort Worth South – Tuesday, Oct. 24; 5:30 pm at St. Christopher, Fort Worth
  • Northern – Sunday, Oct. 29; 11:30 am at the Episcopal Church of Wise County, Decatur
  • Fort Worth East – Monday, Oct. 30; 7:00 pm at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller

The purpose of these meetings is for members of churches in each region to ask questions and give input on items that the Diocesan Convention will be voting on, such as next year’s budget, rules the diocese operates by, people standing for election to various offices, and changes to the status of congregations. Each deaneny will also elect new officers for the coming year at this meeting, as well as discussing projects that churches may be working on together. All deanery meetings are open; please feel free to attend, learn more and get involved.

Which deanery is my church in?

Northern Deanery 

The Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls
The Episcopal Church of Wise County

Southwestern Deanery 

Good Shepherd, Granbury
The Episcopal Church of Hamilton County (St. Mary)
St. Luke, Stephenville
St. Francis of Assisi, Willow Park

Fort Worth East Deanery

St. Alban, Arlington
St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth
St. Stephen, Hurst
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller

Fort Worth South Deanery 

St. Andrew, Fort Worth
St. Christopher, Fort Worth
Trinity, Fort Worth
St. Mary, Hillsboro

Fort Worth West Deanery

All Saints, Fort Worth
St. Elisabeth’s and Christ the King, Fort Worth

Convention Business

Rules of Procedure
Reports  (in one pdf)
Nominations (also in the Reports pdf)
Resolutions  (in one pdf) – 3 categories

  • Finance Committee Resolutions
    FC1 – 2018 Table of Assessments
    FC2 – Triennial Budget Resolution (The proposed budget is included in the text of this resolution)
  • Constitution and Canons Committee Resolutions
    CC1 – Constitution change “officials” to “officers”
    CC2 – Canons change “officials” to “officers”
    CC3 – Canons clarify convention timeline
    CC4 – Canons correct nominations timeline
    CC5 – Canons clarify membership language
    CC6 – Canons changing congregational status
  • General Resolutions
    R1 – Parker County Church to mission station status
    R2 – Wise County Church to mission status

There is an additional resolution regarding the location of the 2018 Convention that arrived after the deadline. It will be distributed at the Convention, pending their consent to consider it.

General Convention Referred Actions
Only the first page and a half will be part of our business, the Constitutional Amendments from the General Convention, but the remainder of the document is for consideration and information for various diocesan ministries

Episcopal Appointments – not available at this date; will be distributed at the Convention with their consent

Register for Convention

Deanery Elections

Each deanery should elect members to the following positions (if terms are expiring). The duty of each position is described very briefly; feel free to contact any of those currently serving for more details.

  • Dean (2-year term: organizes and runs meetings)
  • Sub-Dean (2-year term: fills in if the dean is unavailable)
  • Secretary (2-year term: keeps the minutes)
  • Deanery Representative to Executive Council (1-year term: participates in 4 meetings per year)
  • Alternate Representative to Executive Council (1-year term: fills in if the Deanery Rep. is unavailable)