Register for Convention

Register for Convention

Register during September for Early Bird rates; regular rates apply beginning on Oct. 1.

  • Early bird rates: $75 for a two-day registration; $50 for a one-day registration
  • Regular rates (beginning Oct. 1): $90 for a two-day registration; $65 for a one-day registration

Click here to register for a vendor or exhibitor table.

Convention Attendee Registration Form

Convention Attendee Registration

Fill out this form if you will be attending as a delegate, alternate, youth representative, clergy person canonically resident in FW, non-voting clergy or lay participant, visitor or guest. Exhibitors and Vendors should use a different form.
Select your role from the drop-down. If more than one of these describes you, choose your primary role for the business meeting.
Select from the drop-down menu. If you are a non-parochial clergy member or a guest from Nortwest Texas, those options are also in the drop-down list.
Click one or both.


If you are a church administrator, registering your delegation, choose "I'm paying for some or all of this registration" and you'll be able to pay online or receive information on how to pay by check. Early bird rates (during September): $75 for each two-day registration; $50 for each one-day registration Regular rates (beginning October 1): $90 for each two-day registration; $65 for each one-day registration
If you are part of the official delegation representing your congregation, the church customarily pays for its delegates - check with your church office or priest. If you are attending as a non-parochial clergy member, a non-voting participant, or a visitor, you will most likely pay for your own registration.
Don't include any registrations that your congregation is paying on your behalf - just include those YOU are paying for.
Guests, visitors, and non-voting participants - register for 1 or 2 days, depending on which events you would like to attend.
Beginning Oct. 10, rates are $90 for a two-day registration and $65 for a one-day registration. The registration fee includes one meal per day, along with snacks and drinks.
Card Number
3-digit security code on the back of your card



Billing Address
Street Address or PO Box

Please visit the Convention page for all other details.