Apply for mission and outreach grants in 2019

Apply for mission and outreach grants in 2019

If you have an idea for making a positive impact in your community with the church’s help, or there is a project your church would like to develop that could use a little extra funding, you need to apply now for mission and outreach grants.

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, through its Mission and Outreach Committee, will be awarding grants to programs that assist those who are underserved in our communities, strongly involve personal participation by our congregations, and that will be strengthened by the endorsement of the diocese.

Whether you are an individual member of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, a group of members of a congregation within the diocese, or a combined group such as a group of congregations in your deanery, you are encouraged to submit an application. Funds are offered in two categories:

  • Beyond the Diocese Outreach Impact Program – This category includes special outreach needs beyond the geographical boundaries of the diocese, both inside and outside the United States. The available funding budgeted for this category is $4,847.
  • Matching Grant Outreach Program – This category includes outreach within the diocese. These funds are to be used to match or to provide seed money for congregations or groups to fund or undertake an outreach need that they could not do on their own. The Matching Grant Outreach Program currently has budgeted $32,313.

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth’s Mission and Outreach Committee was established in 2011, and one of its tasks is to help administer these outreach grants. For examples of past projects, ten grants were awarded for 2014 and ten in 2015. See more recent examples in the video below:

Applications are being accepted from now until Thursday, August 1. Please complete the form below, which you can submit online. Please note that the diocese can only write checks to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

If you have received funding for your project in the past, please tell us specifically how the money was spent.

As soon as you click “Submit,” your application will go by email to the members of the mission & outreach committee, to the rector/priest-in-charge or senior warden of your congregation for endorsement, and to the diocesan office, who will compile the applications for review by the committee. You should receive a confirmation email letting you know that the application was received.

Project organizers will be notified in late August if their grant request was approved, and checks will be cut directly to the approved programs. Checks start going out at the end of September or the first of October.

If you have any questions about mission and outreach grants, email the committee at

2019 grant APPLICATION

Outreach Grant Application
Members of the Mission and Outreach Committee are asked not to submit grant requests.
Requests must come from a member of a congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.
A copy of this request will be forwarded to the rector/priest-in-charge or senior warden to seek endorsement of the church's involvement in this project. Please make sure that your congregation's leadership is aware of the request before submitting it.
Please note that the diocese can only write checks to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
Choose the option that best describes where your project will primarily be of benefit.
Indicate what matching funds and/or involvement through service hours your congregation or organization will be providing toward the project in addition to what is being requested from the diocese.
After you click submit, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not hear from the committee to confirm that we've received your application, please contact the committee directly at