Legal News (Page 2)

Legal News (Page 2)

Court hearing rescheduled

The hearing scheduled for Wednesday, June 3, on the supplemental motions for partial summary judgment dealing with All Saints Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, has been rescheduled for 10am Wednesday June 10 in the 141st District Court.  

Episcopal Parties file motion in All Saints’ case

On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, the Plaintiff Episcopal Parties and the Defendant breakaway parties filed motions for partial summary judgment addressing only the claims relating to All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Fort Worth. A hearing on the motions is set for Wednesday, June 3, 2015, in the 141st District Court, Tarrant County, Texas. Plaintiffs’ Motion Partial Summary Judgment 05-06-2015  

Response to Bishop Iker’s letter to All Saints’

Tom Leatherbury, attorney for the Episcopal Parties and a lifelong Episcopalian, has responded to David Weaver, attorney for the breakaway group, regarding former Bishop Jack Iker’s March 6, 2015, letter to All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, demanding that All Saints’ submit to a so-called Canon 32 procedure. Leatherbury’s letter also lays out a “procedural roadmap” for most efficiently resolving the case for appeal. The full text of the letter is below. Taking note of the letter, the Rt. Rev.…

Bishop High’s statement on decision of 141st District Court

On Tuesday, March 2, 2015, the Hon. John P. Chupp of the 141st District Court, Tarrant County, Texas, denied the Local Episcopal Parties’ and The Episcopal Church’s Motions for Summary Judgments. He granted the breakaway parties’ Motion for Partial Summary Judgment, except as to the claims of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Fort Worth. Order on Motions for Partial Summary Judgment “We are disappointed with this decision but quite hopeful for the future. This sacred property was built up over 170…

Bishop High issues letter following court hearing

The Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr., issued this letter after the Friday, February, 20, 2015, hearing in the 141st District Court, Tarrant County. Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, In August 2013, you may remember, the Texas Supreme Court returned our case to the 141st District Court, Tarrant County, to be tried on different principles than in the previous hearing. Our hearing before the Honorable Judge John P. Chupp on both sides’ motions for partial summary judgment was today.…

Episcopal parties file reply to response on motion for summary judgment

On January 23, 2015,  the Episcopal Parties filed their final objections to the arguments and evidence cited by the ACNA parties and a reply to the arguments the ACNA parties raised in opposition to the motion for summary judgment. Objections to and Motion to Strike Defendants’ Supplemental Summary Judgment Affidavits 012415 Reply in Support of Plaintiffs’ Motion for Partial Summary Judgment 012315 The schedule for the summary judgment motions in the 141st District Court of Tarrant County is as follows: December…