When the Bishop Visits Your Congregation

When the Bishop Visits Your Congregation

When the bishop visits your congregation:

He would like to meet with the vestry and have some time for conversation about life in the parish, plans for the future, and how the leadership of the diocese might facilitate our life together.

When confirmation and/or baptism are planned, he expects to meet with the candidates for at least 30 minutes, either on Saturday or on Sunday before the time of worship.

He welcomes invitations to come to any and all social gatherings as well as the regular worship schedule.

Customarily, during the visit the congregation’s record of services and basic financial records are made available.

Rather than using envelopes, the bishop prefers that provision be made that the undesignated, open offering be designated for the bishop’s discretionary fund. Many clergy simply state in the announcements that the open offering is for the bishop’s discretionary fund.

Of course, there’s paperwork to make everything go smoothly.

Please fill out the Bishop’s Visitation Planning Form and return it to the diocesan office at least 7 days prior to his visit.

Within 7 days after his visit, please return the Bishop’s Visitation Form to the diocesan office. The information in the form is for the official records of the diocese.

Please contact the diocesan office if you need further information. You may email administrative.assistant@edfw.org or phone 827-534-1900.