What if we create ‘sticky faith’?

What if we create ‘sticky faith’?

Check out the latest Forma blog entry, written by Emily Givens, director of children and family ministry at St. Michael and All Angels, Dallas.

The blog asks us to carry the intensity and intentionality we bring to our annual vacation Bible school (VBS) offerings forward into our broader congregational lives. “What if …?” she wonders, asking us to seize opportunities for being the church in many contexts. “What if there was a spiritual component that could be shared with the parents/grandparents/adults for evening conversation?” “What if families were given faith in the home resources as a thank you for participating [in VBS]?”

What could we have in place, ready-to-go, to support the ongoing sense of community built through VBS, in summer ministry offerings, and via faith events? What if we expanded elements of episodic ministry into broader parts of our faith communities?

Prior to her work at St. Michael’s, Emily has served as a social worker, professional organizer, and educator. She is a mixed-media artist and mother of two daughters, as well as a Forma board member.

Forma (formerly called the National Association of Episcopal Christian Education Directors – NAECED) is a membership organization which offers resources in support of Christian formation, including certificate programs. You can find Forma on Facebook and Pinterest.