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'wichita falls' Tagged Posts

Christopher Rodgers ordained a priest

Bishop Scott Mayers ordained Christopher Rodgers  a priest on behalf of George Sumner, bishop of Dallas, on Thursday, December 6, at the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls, meeting in St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Presenters were the Rev. J.D. Godwin, Mr. Christopher W. Holley, the Rev. Michael W. Merriman, the Rev. Courtland M. Moore, the Very Rev. John Payne. Mrs. Jennifer L. Rodgers, the Rev. R. Casey Shobe, Mr. Mat Thekkil, Mr. Brent Walker, and Dr. Anne-Marie Williamson. Merriman, retired priest…
photo of string quartet of Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra

Entertainment at the 2013 diocesan convention

Attendees at the 31st Diocesan Convention in Wichita Falls on November 8-9, 2013,  will get a chance to learn more about their host city, not only by taking the Oil Baron Tour, but also from experiencing some local entertainment at the Friday night dinner and social hour. Dinner on Friday, November 8, will be accompanied by the Quartet of the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra. The Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra provides music educational opportunities for junior and senior high string, wind and percussion students. During the season,…

Jesus didn’t live to make us comfortable

No matter how hard we try, we cannot make God respect our boundaries. God keeps plowing right through them inviting us to follow. The problem is not that we’re loved any less because God loves “those people.” The problem is that the people we can’t stand are loved just as much as we are.