'website' Tagged Posts

'website' Tagged Posts

Google changes its algorithm. Why you should care.

“If your congregation is not on the Web, it doesn’t exist to much of the world.” – Katharine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop, The Episcopal Church, April 10, 2015.   And what’s more, even if your congregation has a website, if it is not mobile-friendly, it still won’t exist to much of the world. Here’s why. On April 21, 2015, Google — the online search engine whose name has become a verb – started implementing a major overhaul of its page…

Plan Bede can help with your worship materials

Plan Bede, a web-based service, offers help with worship materials to congregations, to assure they can have quality, personalized weekly service books while freeing up staff time at a cost suitable for even small congregations.

How the Diocese Eventually Got a New Website

In which an immature but enthusiastic young developer learns a few things about working with people. by Adam Wood Perhaps it wasn’t the best way to endear myself in a new town. Perhaps it wasn’t the best way to get my hands dirty with the business of working in my adopted church. In hindsight, I sometimes wish I had been a little less brash (some would say rude). On the other hand, things ended up working out (more or less).…