'stewardship' Tagged Posts

'stewardship' Tagged Posts

Take advantage of free leadership training webinars

The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) regularly offers free leadership training webinars to support lay and clergy leaders in our ministries. Look over the topics below, and take advantage of those that would be most helpful to you. This information is reprinted from the ECF website, except that start times have been adjusted to reflect Central Standard Time here in Fort Worth. Spiritual Resources Online (January 13, 2015 6:00 PM) Motivated by busy schedules, declining participation in institutional life, and changing patterns of individual religious practice, congregations have…

Demi Prentiss authors piece in Vestry Papers

Demi Prentiss, until recently Ministry Developer/Stewardship Officer of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, has written an article in the September Vestry Papers, a publication of the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF). “As we grow beyond the narrow understanding of stewardship as an annual fundraising exercise – or as the late Terry Parsons used to call it, the ‘annual beg-a-thon’ – God begins to reshape our concept of what ‘gift’ and ‘giving’ actually mean. “Back in the days when spiritual gift assessments were…

Final free stewardship telecast June 25

St. Christopher Episcopal Church in Fort Worth will host the third of three free stewardship telecasts at 7pm June 23. Nancy Davidge, editor of the Episcopal Church Foundation’s Vital Practices blog, will present “Communicating Stewardship Year ‘Round.”

Plan your annual giving campaign – ‘A Path Ahead’

Come to St. Christopher Episcopal Church in Fort Worth for the second of three webcasts on stewardship, Wednesday, June 18, 7-9 p.m. That evening Laurel Johnston, executive director of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS), will be the featured presenter, offering ” A Path Ahead.” This nuts-and-bolts session will be especially helpful to stewardship chairs, stewardship committees, and clergy, for engaging the congregation in the work of forming good stewards.

It’s not too late to bring TENS to your congregation – Good news for leaders

Your congregation can host the June 6-7 webcast of “Walking the Way,” the stewardship conference presented by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS). Vestries, stewardship teams, preachers, and Christian formation teams can learn from top stewardship practitioners. Four key one-hour workshops, plus worship and three keynote addresses, can be viewed live or delayed anytime in the month of June, for as little at $75 per site.