'St. Luke' Tagged Posts

'St. Luke' Tagged Posts

Bishop visits reveal tradtional roots/modern outlook of parishes

Bishop Scott Mayer’s visitations in the last six months have been to three different parishes that reflect the variety and diversity of the worship experience and congregations in the diocese. St. Alban’s worships in Theatre Arlington, which makes it unusual right off the bat, and means the backdrop to its altar changes regularly — depending on the play being presented. Trinity worships in its historic building, which grounds it in tradition while creating a stable space for trying new things,…

Bradley Dyche installed as rector at St. Luke’s, Stephenville

The Rev. Bradley Callaway Dyche was installed as rector of St. Luke’s, Stephenville, on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, by Bishop Scott Mayer. The Rev. David Krause,  Interim Rector of St. Francis’ Episcopal Church in Temple, was the preacher. He was the Canterbury Chaplain at Texas Tech University where Dyche began to discern a call to ordained ministry. Listen to a podcast of the sermon. Watch a short video of the evening, on YouTube or below. See more photos at the diocesan…
Bishop High with people from St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Fort Worth

Bishop High visits St. Luke’s, Fort Worth

The Rt. Rev. Rayford B.High, Jr., made  his last official visitation before his June 30 retirement to St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth. He confirmed  Olivia Wilson, Gabriel Phillips, Caleb Fisher, and T. J. Jennings,and received John Dickinson and Nicholas Busken. There was a reception in the parish hall afterward. Watch a video of the bishop’s sermon.   See more photos in the diocesan Flickr gallery.