'constitution and canons' Tagged Posts

'constitution and canons' Tagged Posts

Executive Council meets in Wichita Falls

The Executive Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth met at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Wichita Falls, on Saturday, September 13, 2014. The Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls, which includes St. Stephen’s, All Saints’, and Good Shepherd, worships at St. Stephen’s. Bishop’s report In his report to Council, the Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr., bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, discussed his pastoral letter on Covenant Blessings, gave an update on transitions in clergy and worship…

C&C Overhaul Project seeks your input

The diocesan Constitution and Canons Committee is on target to complete by year’s end its review of the constitutions and canons (“C&C”) of the other 110 dioceses of The Episcopal Church (TEC), and is seeking input from the people of the diocese by December 31. How can you, as a leader of the church, help in this project?

Task force begins overhaul of diocesan constitution and canons

As directed by the 30th Diocesan Convention, the diocesan Constitution and Canons Committee is taking the lead in a multi-year project designed to analyze and overhaul the constitution and canons for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. The project will include a thorough review of the governing documents and practices from other dioceses, an ingathering of ideas and recommendations from individuals and groups across the diocese, and the eventual presentation of a proposed amended and restated constitution and canons for adoption by the diocesan convention.