'baptism' Tagged Posts

'baptism' Tagged Posts

Bishop Mayer baptizes, confirms, receives at St. Luke’s, Fort Worth

Bishop J. Scott Mayer visited St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth, on Sunday, February 12. He baptized Daun Harner-Weeks and confirmed Tracy Bechtel and Amanda Harner-Weeks. Patrick Callahan reaffirmed his Baptismal vows. See more photographs at the Diocesan Flickr Gallery. Read the bishop’s sermon: St Luke’s in the Meadow 2017 6 Epiphany – Year A February 12 Watch a video of the bishop’s sermon below or on YouTube.  

Bishop Mayer visits All Saints’, Fort Worth

Bishop Scott Mayer visited All Saints’, Fort Worth, on Sunday, January 8, 2017. He confirmed 24 at the 9 am service, and baptized three infants and confirmed seven at the 11 am service. The babies baptized at the 11 am service were Hudson Graham Sanders, Larkin Lowndes Upham, and Raley Claire Watt. Confirmations at the 9 am service: Anna Grace Beck Charles Christopher Bennett Claire Hope Brammer William Whitaker Burnette Katherine Daisley Cannon Natalie Claire Collins Cameron Marie Anna Cook Emma…

Bishop Mayer makes first visitation to Trinity

Bishop J. Scott Mayer was at Trinity, Fort Worth, for Pentecost on May 15, 2016. Bishop Rayford High also was there and confirmed two of his grandchildren.     Kiylinn-Edward Daniel Lee Blueford, Knox Harrison Charbonnet, Grier Kate Charbonnet, and Timmiesha Nicole Blueford were baptized and Paige (Atta) Charbonnet was baptized and confirmed. Jason McQuerry Charbonnet reaffirmed his baptismal vows. Tina Machu was received into The Episcopal Church. Riley Elizabeth Brackin, Elizabeth Shapard, Seiler Marie Nishimura, and Esther Macrina Wright…

Bishop Mayer visits St. Alban’s, Theatre Arlington

The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer visited St. Alban’s, Theatre Arlington, on Sunday, January 17, 2016. Nathan Jeremy Bronner was baptised and Mallory Dale Basore was confirmed. This was Bishop Mayer’s first visit to St. Alban’s and there was a reception and a get-aquainted session with the bishop in the lobby of Theatre Arlington after the worship service. For more photos visit the diocesan Flickr Gallery. Dave Burrows of St. Alban’s contributed photos. Watch a video of the bishop’s sermon.…
Bishop Scott Mayer of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth after sacraments of baptism and confirmation

Bishop Mayer visits St. Elisabeth/Christ the King

Bishop Scott Mayer visited St. Elisabeth/Christ the King Episcopal Church on Sunday, October 25. He confirmed Matthew Edward Moskal, Liam David Ruiz-Riquer, and Kiefer Thorne Wise. He baptized Olivia Michelle Aquillon.   There was a luncheon afterward in the Parish Hall. See more photos at the Diocesan Flickr Gallery.

Bishop High visits Trinity, Fort Worth

The Rt. Rev. Rayford B.High, Jr., visited Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, on Sunday, June 14, for a baptism, confirmations and a reception. He baptized Jenna Cleoe Ross, confirmed Viney Polite Chandler, Jon Scott Nishimura, David Stanley, and Caron Lynn Moore-Rico; and  received Mattthew Stephen Pierson.   There was a reception in the parish hall afterward. Since it was Bishop High’s last official visit to Trinity, the congregation marked the occasion with a gift card from a sporting goods store…

Bishop High visits All Saints’, Fort Worth

On Pentecost, the two main services at All Saint’s. Fort Worth, were filled with adults wearing red and babies wearing white as the Rev. Christopher Jambor and Bishop Rayford High baptized eleven babiies and administered First Communion to six little girls. Bishop High smilingly pointed out that the babies participated very vocally in the liturgy. Babies baptized at the 9 am service were: Willa Leigh Giesinger, daughter of Jason Giesinger and Ashley Kirk Pierce Samuel Greenhaw, son of Frank and…
Bishop High visits a congregation in Arlington TX in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

Bishop High visits St. Alban’s, Arlington

Bishop Rayford B. High, Jr., visited St. Alban’s, worshiping in Theatre Arlington, on Sunday, February 15, 2015. He baptized and confirmed Sherry Morgan, confirmed, Fred Morgan and Robin Vaughn and received Beth Marshall into The Episcopal Church. There was a reception in the theatre lobby after the service. Bishop High then met with the St. Alban vestry. The Rev. Bruce Coggin also was there. He will be serving as interim until St. Alban’s new priest in charge, the Rev. Kevin…

Bishop High visits Episcopal Church of Hamilton County

Bishop Rayford B. HIgh, Jr., visited the Episcopal Church of Hamilton County on Sunday, December 7, 2014. He baptized Braden Avery Keay and reaffirmed the baptismal vows of Braden’s grandfather, Jim Keay. There was a pot luck lunch afterward. See more photos at the diocesan Flickr gallery. Watch a video of the bishop’s sermon.    
Bishop Rayford High at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Hurst, Texas

Bishop High visits St. Stephen’s, Hurst

The Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr., visited St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Hurst, on Sunday, July 13, 2014. St. Stephen’s worships in the Northeast Wedding Chapel in Hurst. He baptized Gwenn Anne Burud and Gavin Le Burud,  confirmed Gwenn Anne Burud and Sandon Wards, received Nicole Maria Silva, Steven Hederer, and Judy Crawford and blessed the reaffirmation of Thomas Crawford. He also blessed a chalice and paten given in memory of Florence McKneely by the McKneely family. He presented graduation…

Bishop High Visits All Saints’ Parish

The Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr. visited All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Fort Worth on Sunday, Jan. 13, on what he termed a “glorious day of celebration of baptisms and confirmations.” In two services, six young children received Holy Baptism and 26 youths and adults were confirmed. The scriptures for this particular Sunday were all about baptism and empowerment, noted the bishop. Reciting from the 43rd chapter of Isaiah — “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have…