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The 30th Diocesan Convention held in November 2012 directed the diocesan Constitution and Canons Committee to take the lead in a mullti-year project designed to analyze and overhaul the constitution and canons for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

An early key component of this project is to solicit and consider the suggestions and concerns offered by the Episcopalians across the diocese.

To that end, a survey is being distributed to diocesan leaders and is posted here to ask for a wide response from across the diocese. The survey, downloadable in Microsoft Word format, seeks written responses to these basic questions:

  • What needs to be changed in, deleted from, or added to our diocesan constitution and canons? Why? What specific language or formatting change would you suggest we propose?
  • What provisions or processes do we need to be sure to keep?
  • What concepts or provisions have been adopted by another diocese in its constitution or canons that we need to consider? Which diocese?

The deadline for responses to the survey is November 9, 2013 December 31, 2013, as extended in this post. Please email survey responses to, fax them to 817-534-1904, or mail them to Constitution & Canons Committee, The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, 4301 Meadowbrook Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76103.