St. Alban’s Theatre Arlington to celebrate 70th anniversary

St. Alban’s Theatre Arlington to celebrate 70th anniversary

St. Alban’s, worshiping in Theater Arlington, will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the parish at a service at 9:30 am Sunday, November 12.

Bishop Scott Mayer will be there to confirm, reaffirm, and receive fourteen people. The Rev. Courtland Moore, former longtime rector of the parish, will preach. A reception will follow the service. Several church members will share stories from the past and tell the story of how the parish has evolved into the vital congregation of today.

Saint Alban’s was the first Episcopal parish to be established in Arlington. The first services were held on January 12, 1947, with sixteen people present. In the beginning, services were held in private residences, at the First Christian Church, and even at a local dance hall. In 1951 a church building was erected. It is now as the parish hall.

In 1954, Saint Alban’s became a self-supporting parish in the Diocese of Dallas and became part of the Diocese of Fort Worth when it was formed in 1983 from the western part of the Dallas diocese. A parish parochial school was begun in 1958. The church building that is now part of property litigation was completed in 1960 and a classroom building was added to the original church structure in 1967.

In 2008, the Episcopalians at St. Alban’s began worshiping at Theatre Arlington when they were shut out of their historic building after the bishop and other leaders left The Episcopal Church, but claimed Episcopal church property.

The Rev. Kevin Johnson is the priest in charge of the congregation.