SSJE devotional shapes Lenten practice

SSJE devotional shapes Lenten practice

The Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE) has created a series of two- to three-minute videos as the catalysts for your daily Lenten reflection. Signing up on the SSJE website (for free!) will bring the video and a daily reflection question to your email in-box.

“Lovelife – Living the Gospel of Love” is the video-based reflection series being offered to individuals and congregations by SSJE at no charge. Anyone may subscribe, and supporting materials are available to download for free.

For subscribers, each day during Lent an email will arrive linking to a brief video. Each video will conclude with a thought-provoking question, to be pondered during the day. Materials provide a format for responding to each question, creating a worksheet for the week.

Individuals are invited to subscribe, and share thoughts on your preferred social media site using the tag #LoveLife. Groups are urged to meet weekly, using the response sheet to spur discussion. Groups are also invited to share their experience on social media #LoveLife. And congregation leaders are asked to encourage participation by individuals, as well as study groups and formation classes. Also available are bulletin inserts, as well as weekly themes to shape sermons and meditations.

Read comments about the series on the web and via social media all through Lent.