Revitalized & Renewed Diocesan Altar Guild Meeting

Revitalized & Renewed Diocesan Altar Guild Meeting

A meeting of the revitalized and renewed Diocesan Altar Guild of the Diocese of Fort Worth was held at Trinity on May 2nd.

Forty four Altar Guild members, representing 10 of the 17 congregations in the Diocese, were present. At the meeting, a representative from each parish that was there gave a brief description of what had happened to them since last November when Bishop Iker left the Diocese of Fort Worth. Some reports brought tears of sadness at first, but they turned into tears of joy as each group told how they have moved forward in Christ’s service.

The Diocesan Loan Closet was set out all over the parish hall, on six tables and all around the walls. Many items found new homes as have many other things that were available since November. Vestments, linens, hymn boards, prayers books, hymnals, and many other items have been given to our Diocese from all over the United States along with many prayers for the success of the continuing Diocese of Fort Worth under Bishop Gulick.

A short business meeting was held (there was no old business), and within the next year each parish or faith community will be visited and assisted in whatever way is needed by the Diocesan Altar Guild Directress, and we will assemble in the spring of next year for workshops and fellowship.

Members of the Trinity Altar Guild provided hospitality for the meeting.