Register for Convention this week for Early Bird rates

Register for Convention this week for Early Bird rates

Register for Diocesan Convention before Saturday, October 1, to take advantage of Early Bird rates.

Early Bird rates are $30 for a one-day registration or $45 for a two-day registration. After October 1, these rates will increase to $40 for a one-day registration and $60 for a two-day registration.

Register online at the Diocesan Convention web site. You also can view the schedule and access many other details related to convention.

If your congregation is paying your registration fee, you still need to complete your individual registration form.

On the registration form, you can indicate which workshop you plan to attend on Saturday and also let us know if you’ll be attending the Friday afternoon training for parish leaders. Read about the workshops to decide what interests you most; you can change your mind later if you want, but we will have a rough idea of how many chairs each workshop space needs.

Voting at Convention will be online

On the registration form, you also can tell us about any needs you may have. For example, we’ll be voting online this year. If you are a delegate, you will need to bring a smart phone, tablet, or laptop to convention. If you need to borrow a device for voting, let us know on your registration form. Read about the nominees and the positions they’re standing for.

This year’s vendor and exhibitor tables will be available at no cost, but you do need to register. Register for a vendor or exhibitor table here.