Prepare for pre-convention deanery meetings

Prepare for pre-convention deanery meetings

It is time for pre-convention deanery meetings. Delegates, voting clergy members, alternates, and youth representatives should attend in order to be best prepared for the business they will handle as members of the convention November 13,14 at the Botanic Garden Center. The latest information on the budget and proposed changes to the constitution and canons will be presented and elections to various offices representing the deaneries for the coming year will be held.

Deans and sub-deans are welcome to use this template as a sample agenda and/or a format for recording the minutes.

Schedule of Meetings

  • Southwestern – Sunday, Oct 25*, 2:30 pm hosted by Good Shepherd at the 7th Day Adventist Church in Acton
  • Northern Sunday, Oct 25, 2:00 pm at the Episcopal Church of Wise County
  • Fort Worth West – Thursday, Oct 29, 5:30 pm at All Saints’
  • Fort Worth South – Tuesday, Nov 10, 5:30 pm at St. Christopher
  • Fort Worth East – Monday, Oct 26, 7 pm at St. Martin-in-the-Fields

*The SW deanery’s meeting was changed from Oct. 18 to Oct. 25 so it would fall within the time period required by the canons.

Meeting Topics

While each pre-convention deanery meeting includes elections and topics related to the upcoming convention, other topics may be on the agenda. For more detail, the functioning of deaneries is described in Canon 35 of the Diocesan Canons.


  • Dean, sub-dean (1yr terms)
  • Deanery representative (clergy and/or lay) to Executive Council (3 yr term)
  • An alternate for each Executive Council elected position
  • Nominations Committee representative (for next year’s convention)

Convention matters

* please make sure you have the “UPDATED” version of the Nominations Committee report that includes the Rev. Eddie Barnett as a nominee for Standing Committee