Tracie Middleton is the Ministry Support and Communications Officer for the diocese and serves as a deacon at Trinity, Fort Worth. She grew up in the DFW area, received a BA from Austin College and an MA from Lamar University. She became an Episcopalian while living in southeast Texas, attended the Iona School for Ministry in the Diocese of Texas and was ordained in 2009. She moved to the Diocese of Fort Worth in 2011 and served as deacon at St. Stephen’s in Hurst for almost five years. She has served previously on the Commission on Ministry, the Disciplinary Board, and as Diocesan Disaster Coordinator. She is passionate about the distinctive call of deacons and the gifts they offer in connecting the church with the world. Middleton co-chairs a recently formed Young Deacons Task Force within the Association for Episcopal Deacons for the purpose of removing barriers to young people choosing the diaconate as a vocation.