Ordained in 2004, the Rev. Scot McComas began as rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields in early 2015. As a former bank manager and loan officer with Bank of America in downtown Dallas, Scot enjoys numbers and quantitative measurements. St. Martin’s has deployed a “radical hospitality” welcome program for visitors for years, and the parish grew in attendance by 24% in 2015. Financially, St. Martin’s had a 38% increase in dollars pledged for 2016, compared to 2015 (a $133,000 increase); additionally, 34% of 2016 pledges were new or first-time pledges (50 new pledges out of a total of 145 pledges); and 85% of the parish submitted a pledge/commitment card, compared to past trends of under 50% participation. The 2016 budget grew by 31.6% to $757,000 compared to a 2015 budget of $575,000—an increase of $182,000. Scot enjoys analyzing church statistics and, while at General Seminary in 2002, he volunteered with the church statistician in the Office of Congregational Development at the Episcopal Church Center in New York City.

Scot is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, Harvard Divinity School, and The General Theological Seminary. Prior to St. Martin’s, he served for three years as Upper School Chaplain and faculty member (teaching World Religions classes and Bible classes) at the Parish Episcopal School, which is affiliated with Church of the Transfiguration in Dallas. While a school chaplain, Scot also served as Interim Rector at Holy Trinity, in the Heath/Rockwall area, and then at St. Luke’s, Dallas. He holds two national accreditations in Intentional Interim Ministry and has served in five dioceses as parish priest and school chaplain (Southeast Florida, North Carolina, Newark, Dallas, and now Ft. Worth). Scot enjoys preaching and teaching at St. Martin’s and serving the Diocese of Ft. Worth however he can, including serving on the Executive Council, the Disciplinary Board, as Chair of the Schools Commission, and, formerly, on the Constitution and Canons Committee.