photo of Katie Sherrod

I was received into The Episcopal Church by Bishop Clarence Pope in 1985. As a member of Fort Worth Via Media and as communications volunteer for the Steering Committee North Texas Episcopalians, I worked with others in our diocese as we struggled to remain in The Episcopal Church. I attended every General Convention from 1991 to 2006 as a reporter. After the diocese reorganized, I was honored to be elected as a deputy for the 2009, 2012, and 2015 General Conventions. I was elected to the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church at General Convention 2009 and served for six years on that body. I served on the Communications Committee of General Convention 2009 and chaired that committee for General Convention 2012. I served on the General Convention Committee on Governance and Structure at General Convention 2015. I am currently serving on the Council of Advice for the President of the House of Deputies and on the Executive Council’s Task Force on the Episcopacy. I believe my broad knowledge of The Episcopal Church and my experience in its governance has served our diocese well. I hope to continue this service to the diocese as a deputy for General Convention 2018.