Originally from Northwest Texas, native to the Episcopal Church, I also spent some prior history in Fort Worth, attending TCU for college, participating in Trinity, St. Christopher’s, St. Anne’s during those years. I returned to Fort Worth in 2013, serving as Associate Rector at Trinity, working with Children, Youth, Young Adults, and Families in particular. I have a Th.D. in Liturgical Theology and have taught as an adjunct at Brite, Sewanee, and Drew University. My current involvement in the Diocese includes serving as Secretary, Member of the Commission on Ministry, and as the Diocesan Youth Contact Person. I have three children, in varying proximity of adulthood.

I hope that I could serve the Diocese as Deputy by bringing a perspective that includes a breadth of types of congregations and dioceses, including more than 20 years of ordained ministry across 8 dioceses. I’m particularly interested in how to increase our ability to bring to light the gifts of the Episcopal Church for our current age, given the shifts happening in our society. “The Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement” has an important witness and work to do in the world today, to encourage the full ministry of all of God’s people.