Nominations Committee Report to 2014 Convention – updated October 27, 2014

Nominations Committee Report to 2014 Convention – updated October 27, 2014

The Nominations Committee report to the 2014 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is submitted by Becky Snell and Henry Penner. You may download a PDF of this report here.

UPDATED October 27, 2014: This report was updated to add a photo of Janice Schattman and correct the congregation listed for Edwin Barnett.

The Nominations Committee presents the following persons for Convention 2014 election. They have all been verified to be communicants in good standing in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, and the clergy are licensed in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. Nominees are presented in alphabetical order by category.

Trustee, University of the South: (1 nominee for 1 clergy trustee position)

  • Andrew Wright – Trinity, Fort Worth

Disciplinary Board: (0 nominees for 1 clergy member) Disciplinary Board: (2 nominees for 1 lay member)

  • Janice Schattman – St. Elisabeth’s & Christ the King, Fort Worth
  • Becky Snell – St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller

Standing Committee: (2 nominees for 1 clergy member)

  • Edwin Barnett – St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth
  • Amy Haynie – the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls

Standing Committee: (1 lay nominee for 1 lay member)

  • Joel Walker – St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller

The following persons served on the Nominations Committee:

  • Mrs. Becky Snell, Co-Chairperson
  • Rev. Henry Penner Co-Chairperson

The nominations committee was appointed by the Standing Committee. We met by telephone conference and email communication. In May 2014 to each of the deans and sub-deans in the new deaneries of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth we sent a report listing open positions for the November 2014 Convention, asking for discussion at the deanery meetings and suggestions for nominations. In June 2014, emails to rectors and the senior vestry of each individual church in each deanery encouraged individuals to submit their nominations through the website: . The website for nominations was live beginning July 11, 2014, accepting nominations for three categories: Disciplinary Board, lay & clergy; Trustee, University of the South, clergy; and Standing Committee, lay & clergy. Information was forwarded through the diocese office to all churches that the nominations were live on the website. The online nominations forms were validated and compiled all nominations, with the online application closing on September 14, 2014. These are being submitted to the Convention as canonically required. We will continue to work with nominees to answer questions or give further information or support, through the diocesan Convention. We anticipate nominations from the floor at the 2014 Convention and will work with those candidates to assure proper canon procedures.

University of the South (Sewanee) Trustee

The Rev. Andrew R. Wright Congregation: Trinity, Fort Worth Position in congregation: Associate Rector Bio:  I’m originally from the panhandle of Texas, native to the Episcopal Church, but have a little history in Fort Worth.  I attended TCU for college and benefited from the ministries of Trinity and their Campus Ministry.  I also worked at St. Anne’s in Azle as a youth minister.  It is a joy being back in the diocese, now as a priest, and especially serving at Trinity and in the context of TCU. I am interested in this as an alumnus of the University of the South School of Theology (1995) but have also been involved through the Church Development Institute (2000-01) and the Fellow-in-Residence program (2011). My experience at a second seminary (GTS) and as an adjunct at Brite currently helps temper my perspective as well.  Sewanee’s ability to educate college students and church leaders well is a great gift.  I would be honored to serve at the level of the Board of Trustees. Nominated by:   Andrew R. Wright

Clergy Disciplinary Board

None submitted.

Lay Disciplinary Board

Janice Schattman Congregation: St. Elisabeth’s & Christ the King, Fort Worth Position in congregation: Senior Warden, Christ the King Bio:  This would be my second term as a lay member of the Disciplinary Board.  I found the structure and procedures of the Board, rewritten for a modern church, are designed to bring legitimate grievances to judgment and reconciliation while protecting clergy from petty harassment or malicious attacks.  I am 65 years old and have been Episcopal for 47 years.  I am a practicing family lawyer.  My late husband and I met in law school and moved to Fort Worth, his home town, in 1978.  I became a member of Christ the King on the first drive by.  Our four children were raised in the church.  I served on as many vestries as the canons would allow over the years.  My faith survived being a senior warden four times and stewardship chairman twice.  The Episcopal Hymnal and our fine choir are the joyful constants in my life. Nominated by: Janice Schattman Becky Snell Congregation: St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller -Southlake Position in congregation: Member Lay Liturgical Ministers Guild and Acolyte Bio:  Becky Snell has been active in the congregation of St. Martin in the Fields since 1997 serving in various ministries including; Member of the Vestry 2011-2013, EYC Adult Leader, Godly Play Story Teller, Adult Acolyte, Lay Reader, Fountain Maintainer, Green Team (summer mowing),  and Wednesday Night Live meal planner.  She is also active volunteering with Boy Scouts of America as a Troop Leader, Order of the Arrow Adviser, and serving on the Mustang District Staff.  Professionally, Becky is a licensed Physical Therapist for the last 30 years in various positions including 2 Iraqi tours of service in the Air Force as Chief of Physical Medicine Balad AFB.  She has 2 sons attending the University of North Texas. Nominated by: Becky Snell

Clergy Standing Committee

The Rev. Edwin Barnett Congregation: St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth Position in congregation: Rector Bio:  Fr. Edwin Barnett has brought new life into St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.  There is hope that we may once again occupy our beautiful and historic building with Christians who are interested in doing God’s will.  His leadership at our church makes a positive statement about membership in our family and encourages each member to rely on Christ to fulfill His promise for our lives. Nominated by: Anne C. Lange The Rev. Amy Haynie Congregation:  The Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls Position in congregation:  Priest in Charge Bio: Mother Amy has served the Diocese of Fort Worth since being ordained in this diocese in March of 2011.  At St Martin-in-the-Fields in Keller, she was the youth minister and associate rector. On the diocesan staff, Amy was the InReach coordinator. She is also our youth ministry coordinator for the diocese.  Amy has been married to David since 1992, and they have 2 sons, Sam and Ben. Nominated by: Amy Haynie

Lay Standing Committee

Joel J. Walker Congregation: St Martin-in-the-Fields. Keller Position in congregation: Vestry, Convention Delegate Bio: Joel retired From Ben E. Keith Managemt Trust in 2012 as a member of the MIS department.  He has been married to his wife, Carol-Lynn, since 1967, and joined St Martin-in-the-Fields in 1991.  He has been a member on the vestry there, serving a total of 11 years.  He has been an elected delegate to the diocesan conventions both before and after the re-formation of the diocese in March 1999.  He is currently serving the diocese as a member of the Commission on Ministry with a term which will expire in November 2015.  He is looking forward to increasing his service to the diocese as a member of the Standing Committee. Nominated by: Joel J. Walker

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