Mission & Outreach Committee Report to 2014 Convention

Mission & Outreach Committee Report to 2014 Convention

The Mission and Outreach Committee report to the 2014 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is submitted by chairman Tim Stevens. You may download a PDF of this report here.

The Diocesan Mission and Outreach Committee was established in 2011 to help allocate funds set aside in the annual budget. An application may be submitted by an individual member of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, members of a congregation within the diocese, or members of several congregations within the diocese representing a common organization. Funds are offered in two categories: Matching Grant Outreach Program, for outreach within the diocese, and the Beyond the Diocese Outreach Impact Program, for special outreach needs beyond the geographical boundaries of the diocese.

The total funding available in 2014 was $15,261 for the Matching Grant Program within the diocese and $6,793 for the Outreach Program beyond the diocese.

The committee met on September 30 to review the proposals sent to us. The attached grant spreadsheet summarizes the amounts requested and the amounts approved by the committee. All the churches have been notified. Treasurer Bob Hicks will distribute funds to the participating churches.

An important responsibility of our committee will be to document that the donated funds are used for the purposes requested in the grants. This process will be valuable for not only validating our accountability to the diocese, but also to gather information that illustrates examples of the good works resulting from these grants. We will be interested in how the congregations are stimulated and participate in the projects. This information can be used to generate publicity about the accomplishments from these grants, and should strengthen our committee’s mission.

The committee members are Tim Stevens, Cynthia Eichenberger, Cynthia Hill, Juanita Parish, Sandra Shockley, and Jesse Smith.

View the PDF spreadsheet.

View the PDF report and spreadsheet.

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