Mexican lunch & dinner at St Luke’s, Stephenville raises money for outreach

Mexican lunch & dinner at St Luke’s, Stephenville raises money for outreach

“You’re never alone here at St. Luke’s.”

Voting in Erath County apparently makes everyone really hungry. There were long lines at the traditional Election Day Mexican Supper at St. Luke’s, Stephenville. People came for the food, for the cause, and for the sense of community.

One local man for decades came to Mexican Supper only for a “take out” order to share with his mother. But the man’s mother died recently, so he decided to “dine in” for the first time, mixing with the dozens who packed the parish hall. When asked by a parishioner if he was nervous about possibly feeling alone by sitting with people he didn’t know, the man responded: “You’re never alone here at St. Luke’s.”

People from all over Erath County stood in line outside the parish hall and into the parking lot to feast on the famous St. Luke’s chili and stacked enchiladas with fried eggs on top at the 15th annual event. The Rev. Curt Norman, rector, was outside greeting them all.

The result of all this happy hubbub is that St. Luke’s raised more than $11,000, the largest amount ever. All the proceeds are returned to the community in donations and gifts meeting various needs throughout the area, making St. Luke are famous locally as “the church that helps people.”

Parishioners from age 6 to 86 served in the kitchen, at the kettles, at the taco bar, and in the dining area, hosting countless numbers of hungry neighbors. Among the visitors were the Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr., bishop of the diocese, and his wife Pat High.

The success of the Mexican Supper comes hard on the heels of the successful diocesan convention hosted by the Southern Deanery, an effort in which the parishioners of St. Luke’s figured prominently.

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