Local Coverage of Legal News

Local Coverage of Legal News

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Fox4 News have given local coverage to the legal news of the U. S. Supreme Court’s November 3, 2014 decision not to review the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth’s legal claim at this time. Bishop Rayford High was interviewed and quoted in both stories.

Read the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Monday, November 3 story by religion writer Jim Jones:

U.S. high court declines to hear Fort Worth Episcopal dispute
The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to review a Texas Supreme Court decision ordering a rehearing of a long-running dispute involving millions of dollars worth of property sought by two rival groups both claiming to be the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Episcopalians loyal to the U.S. Episcopal Church had appealed the state high court’s ruling. The decision Monday means that …[Read more]


Watch Fox4 News DFW’s coverage: