Leadership Training for lay and ordained leaders

Leadership Training for lay and ordained leaders

All lay and ordained leaders are invited to a Leadership Training Day from 9:30 am to 3 pm on Saturday, February 15, 2019,  at Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth.

Bishop Scott Mayer said, “Last year’s leadership training session was well attended and well received. I urge all vestry members, and clergy in leadership roles in congregations to attend. The workshop topics were planned in response to questions and issues raised by leaders in various congregations over the past year so the material will be timely and useful in your work.”

Bishop Mayer will be presenting the workshop at 2 pm. Other workshops are Practicing Communal Discernment, Leadership in Anxious Times, Crisis Communication, Year-end Audits / Outreach Grants, and Parish Legal Matters.

The bishop suggests vestries split up so each vestry has someone attending all the workshops, with participants prepared to share what they learn with the others.


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Trinity Episcopal Church
3401 Bellaire Drive So.
Ft. Worth, TX 76109

9:30   Coffee and continental breakfast (provided)
10:00 Opening Prayers and Bishop’s Remarks
10:45  Break
11:00  Workshop Session #1

  1. Practicing Communal Discernment – The Rev. Kevin Johnson
  2. Leadership in a Time of Anxiety – The Rev. Canon Linda Taylor

12:00  Lunch (provided)
12:45  Workshop Session #2

  1. Crisis Communication – Ms. Katie Sherrod
  2. Finances/Outreach Grants – Mr. David Lowder

1:45   Break
2:00   Workshop Session #3

  1. Legal Matters  – Ms. Sandy Liser
  2.  Topic TBA – Bishop Scott Mayer

3:00   Adjourn

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    […] A Leadership Training Day for lay and ordained leaders will be from 9:30 am to 3 pm on Saturday, February 15. One of the workshops will include instructions2020  on how to submit the grant application and the paperwork needed to document proposed spending and part spending on previous grants. […]

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