Gingerbread housing development at St. Christopher

Gingerbread housing development at St. Christopher

The St. Mary Chapter of the  Junior Daughters of the King (JDOK) sponsored a gingerbread house making event on Sunday, December 9, immediately after St. Christopher’s 10:30 am service. Members of St. Elizabeth Chapter of DOK and other members of the parish provided candy, cereals, and other decorations for these buildings.


There were 12 houses with seven children and five adults doing the design work. A pizza lunch was provided so no one would have to work hungry. Everyone had fun — and despite the pizza, there was some nibbling on the”building supplies” as the work progressed.

When the houses were completed, each artist signed a Christmas card that was placed inside his or her house.

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The decorated houses will be distributed to homebound members of St. Christopher for their enjoyment during the holidays.  Everyone had fun and enjoyed nibbling on the “building supplies” as they worked.