General Convention Deputation

General Convention Deputation

Meet the 2018 General Convention Deputation from the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth:

Alternate Deputies:

The General Convention of The Episcopal Church is held every three years, and is the bicameral (two-house) governing body of the Church. It is comprised of the House of Bishops, with upwards of 200 active and retired bishops, and the House of Deputies, with clergy and lay representatives elected from the 110 dioceses of the Church, at more than 800 members. Several interim bodies also carry on work in between conventions.

The 79th General Convention will be in Austin Texas, July 5th – 13th, 2018.

View a draft of the schedule and other useful links on the General Convention webpage.

Previous General Convention (2015)

View a slideshow and report from the 2015 Deputation and read their blog.