Funding for the Future Campaign Goals

Funding for the Future Campaign Goals

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, with its commitment to be a place where “all are welcome,” has a unique call to make a difference in these 24 counties of north central Texas in the 21st century.

In the six years that have passed since some of our diocesan leadership left The Episcopal Church while claiming Episcopal Church property, the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth has stabilized, grown and gained momentum in mission and ministry. We are, in this new season, becoming more of what God has called us to be. We are committed to sharing the good news of God’s love and transforming power in every place we Episcopalians live, in every community where we gather as congregations. Ensuring a viable, longterm future for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is necessary that we might continue to extend God’s welcome here.

Our diocese is at a point where we need to push forward in strengthening our current congregations, planting new congregations, and developing other ministries in the 24 counties where we have been called to work, raising up new life and new opportunities for connection with God and with each other – for God’s glory and for the good of God’s people.

At this point, the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth seeks to broaden its mission in five main ways:

  1. church planting – not just one but several
  2. assisting congregations who have extraordinary needs or could benefit from a “jump start”
  3. supporting the future Episcopacy
  4. doing more in college ministry
  5. taking a percentage of what we raise for ourselves and using that to support outreach with a possible companion diocese relationship.

These are only a sampling of the needs before us. Some of us believe we can raise over $3 million in a 3-5 year period.

The time is now. Securing the capital necessary to accomplish these strategic initiatives will propel the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth forward in mission and ministry, allowing us to “Let our light so shine” in these counties that people will have the opportunity to experience the presence of God in this place, in our lives individually and as a people gathered together in God’s name.

Thank you in advance as you consider your role in this campaign and your financial support. The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth has always depended on generous partners in ministry to fund our mission. We trust you believe in God’s mission here in our diocese, too.

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    […] At our Diocesan Convention in November, we voted to explore a diocesan-wide capital campaign. A Capital Campaign Committee has been formed, and a study process is underway to determine the purposes and goals of this campaign. Some of the key things under consideration are funding for clergy salaries for church plants and church “re-plants,” funding for a full-time bishop, funding for campus ministry, and funding for other mission and ministry endeavors – things that we can do better together than we can as individual congregations. See the enclosed “Funding for the Future” case statement. […]

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