Executive Council committees organize for 2015

Executive Council committees organize for 2015

Bishop Rayford B. High, Jr. announced members of the four committees of Executive Council at the January 31 meeting of council.

(This list was updated 3/19/2015)

Read a report of the meeting here.

Congregational Development Committee

This committee serves as the Executive Council’s link with programs and services for the missionary work in the diocese and development of congregations, which may include: church plants; overseeing missions and assisting congregations moving from mission to parish status; and leadership development and stewardship and congregation life and ministry for all congregations. Also, this committee oversees the communication efforts of the Diocese and recommends allocation of resources for congregation development and assistance.


  • Chair, The Rev. Amy Haynie, the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls
  • Co-chair,  The Rev. Curt Norman, St. Luke’s, Stephenville
  • The Rev. Tony Hiatt, St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth
  • Mr. Ted Lange, St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth
  • Mr. David Leedy, St. Elisabeth/Christ the King, Fort Worth
  • Ms. Elizabeth McPherson, St. Alban’s, Arlington
  • Ms. Susan Kleinwechter, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller.

Christian Formation Committee

This committee serves as the Executive Council’s link to programs and services and to promote and further the work of Christian education and formation throughout the Diocese for all age levels and to recommend allocation of resources for Christian education and formation.


  • Chair, The Rev. Hope Benko, All Saints’ School
  • The Rev. Eddie Barnett, St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth
  • Ms. Barbara Chowning, All Saints’, Fort Worth
  • Ms. Cynthia Hill, All Saints’, Fort Worth
  • Ms. Kimberly Kingsbury, St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth
  • The Rev. Gayland Pool, retired priest of the diocese, Fort Worth
  • Ms. Marsha van Etten deChant, the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls;
  • Ms. Maggie Withroder, Trinity, Fort Worth

Structure Committee

This committee carries out the Executive Council’s responsibilities for the review and evaluation of the effectiveness of diocesan structure, programs and services and for the maintenance of sound and accepted best practices in the affairs of the Diocese, its organization, institutions, and congregations.


  • Chair, Ms. Margaret Mieuli, St. Christopher, Fort Worth
  • Mr. Louis Eichenberger, the Episcopal Church of Parker County
  • Mr. J. D. Todd, the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls
  • Ms. Jane Dennis, St. Luke’s, Stephenville
  • The Rev. Andrew Wright, Trinity, Fort Worth

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee. . . is the diocesan body with the authority to give effect to the required business methods in church affairs . . . shall assure compliance with Canon 1.7 of the General Canons . . . act as advisor to the Bishop and Executive Council in financial matters and, upon request, as advisor to the Parishes and Missions . . see that appropriate annual audits of the Diocese, the Congregations, and all institutions are performed by qualified auditors . . . serves as the budget committee of the Diocese . . .


  • Chair, Mr. John Banks, All Saints’, Fort Worth
  • Mr. Floyd McKneely, St. Stephen’s, Hurst, co-chair
  • The Rev. Chris Jambor, All Saints’, Fort Worth
  • Mr. David Shockley, the Episcopal Church of Hamilton County
  • Mr. Brent Walker, the Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls

Management Committee

This committee shall meet regularly between meetings of the Executive council to monitor progress on Executive Council initiatives and resolves, undertake work delegated by the Executive Council, recommend action on time sensitive matters, appoint persons for organizations established by the Executive Council in Canon 10.5.3, and develop the agenda for each Executive Council meeting.


  • Chair, The Rt. Rev. Rayford B. High, Jr.
  • Chair(s) of the other four committees of council
  • Canonical members/organizations/groups:
    • Bishop (Rayford B. High, Jr).
    • Canon to the Ordinary (the Rev. Janet Waggoner)
    • President of the Standing Committee (the Rev. Curt Norman
    • President of the Corporation of the Diocese of Fort Worth (the Rev. Jim Hazel)
    • Secretary (the Rev. Bruce Coggin)
    • Treasurer of the Diocese (Mr. Bob Hicks)
    • Chancellor of the Diocese (Ms. Kathleen Wells
    • Director of Communication (Ms. Katie Sherrod)

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