ENS series features St. Alban’s, Theatre Arlington

ENS series features St. Alban’s, Theatre Arlington

The second part of an Episcopal News Service series on the Diocese of Fort Worth was published today, and it features a story, photographs, and a video interview with the Rev. Kevin Johnson, priest in charge. The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg, ENS reporter, spent time in the diocese in early November and visited St. Alban’s, the Episcopal Church of Wise County, St. Stephen’s, Hurst, and St. Luke’s,. Stephenville.

The story on St. Alban’s begins, “The scene behind the altars of most Episcopal churches never changes. What is known as the reredos includes a cross, perhaps some elaborate carved wood or stonework with or without a picture and maybe a stained glass window. Such is not the case for St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.

“The members of this church have been worshipping on the stage and in the seats of Theater Arlington for eight years and the set of whatever play is being offered forms a reredos of sorts.

“Regardless of the backdrop, the Episcopalians arrive every Sunday morning, open the closet where they store the hardware of church and set up on the stage.”

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