Resolutions to Diocesan Convention

Resolutions to Diocesan Convention


Here are the main deadlines:

  • August 11 for proposers not on the Constitution & Canons Committee to submit proposed changes to the Constitution or Canons
  • September 10 to submit other resolutions

Once the Resolutions Committee and the Constitution and Canons Committee review proposed resolutions and have a chance to communicate with the proposer about any questions or changes, the proposed resolutions will be linked below.

The following topics customarily involve a resolution at Convention:

  • Approval of next year’s annual budget and the triennial budget
  • Approval of next year’s table of assessments
  • Approval of next year’s Convention site
  • Any proposed changes to governing documents from the Constitution and Canons Committee.

Email the Resolutions Committee with any questions.


If you have a suggestion for a change or addition to an amendment, consider talking with the proposer about it.

At the Convention, this is the process for proposing amendments: