Note deadlines for submissions related to business at 2016 Convention

Note deadlines for submissions related to business at 2016 Convention

The 34th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is coming up November 11-12, 2016. Take note of the following deadlines, templates, and guidelines related to submitting information, proposals, nominations, and anything else required for the business of Convention. Open the sections below the deadline chart to see information related to Nominations, Resolutions, and Reports.

Deadlines, forms and templates

Send any other submissions related to the business of Convention to the Secretary of the Diocese, the Rev. Andrew Wright, by email.

Committees and Contact Information

There are several committees involved in preparing for or administering the business of Convention. See below for committee members and contact information. Names or titles that are underlined include a link for that person’s email address.

Committees active Primarily at convention

Executive Council and its Committees

Click the “EC-Committees” tab underneath the chart to view the members and contact information for the members of the following committees involved in the planning and business of Convention:

  • Management Committee
  • Convention Planning Committee
  • Finance Committee

There is also another committee of Executive Council, the Congregational Assistance Committee, listed above, but it is not directly involved in preparing for or administering the business of the Convention.

Constitution & Canons Committee

View the Constitution & Canons Committee page, including current documents and a list of the committee members.

Email the Constitution & Canons Committee.


Nominations for Elections and Appointments

Nominations are open until September 11, 2016 for the following positions: 

  • General Convention Deputies – 6 lay and 6 clergy – this includes 4 delegates and 2 alternates each for the clergy and the lay order
  • Standing Committee – 1 lay and 1 clergy
  • Disciplinary Board – 1 lay and 3 clergy
  • Trustee to the University of the South – 1 lay
  • Executive Council Members at Large – 6 lay and 3 clergy

In addition to the at-large positions for Executive Council, each of the five deaneries will elect one representative at their Pre-Convention Deanery Meeting. See the “Deanery Meetings and Elections” section above to access meeting information.

Nominations can still be made from the floor of Convention after September 11.

Read details about the Nominations process and descriptions of each open position, and nominate someone online.


The following topics are anticipated, as they customarily involve a resolution at Convention.

  • Approval of 2017 and Triennial Budget
  • Approval of 2017 Table of Assessments
  • Approval of 2017 Convention site
  • Resolutions as needed from the Constitution and Canons Committee


Other resolutions may be submitted as well. View guidelines for submitting resolutions to Convention.


If you are the chair, president or secretary of a diocesan committee, please submit a report of your group’s activities this past year (from September through August) to the Secretary of the diocese, the Rev. Andrew Wright, at this email address:

General committee/group report template

You can also view reports submitted previously as examples.