Corporation of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth Report to 2014 Convention

Corporation of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth Report to 2014 Convention

The Corporation’s report to the 2014 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is submitted by James Hazel and Cherie Shipp. You may download a PDF of this report here.

The Corporation holds title to the real property of the Diocese and the congregations in the Diocese. The Corporation is also charged with the management of the endowment funds of the Diocese, except for the Endowment for the Episcopate. Your trustees meet regularly to review matters related to our property. The Corporation has spent much of its year monitoring the real property currently in the control of another entity. In addition, the Corporation worked with the Finance Committee to develop a gift acceptance policy.

The Corporation is also the primary risk management body for the Diocese. In that capacity, we try to ensure: 1) all congregations are properly insured and 2) have the appropriate policies and structures over the safety of all people who use their facilities. In 2014, the Corporation, in conjunction with the Executive Council, updated the background check policy for the laity.

The Corporation has no possession, control or reports on:

  • The Diocesan Fund
  • The E.D. Farmer Fund
  • The Anne S. and John S. Brown Trust
  • The Betty Ann Montgomery Farley Fund
  • The Reverend Efrain Huerta Fund Benefitting Hispanic Ministries
  • Memorial Scholarship Fund

We expect to have access to these funds at some point, and will inform the Diocese as soon as we do.

Finally, the Corporation would like to thank the many people who have helped us with ideas and information related to the recovery of our property and people. We anticipate that 2015 will be a year of growth and development for our Diocese.

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