Convention Evaluation Summary presented to Executive Council

Convention Evaluation Summary presented to Executive Council

Ministry Support and Communications Officer Tracie Middleton presented a summary of the evaluations filled out by those attending diocesan convention at the Jack Daniel’s Club at Globe Life Ballpark in Arlington to the January 2015 Executive Council meeting.

Read a report of that meeting here.

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Middleton reported that almost 200 people registered; about 170 came one or both days.

  • 80% (not counting the N/As) were satisfied with all forms of registration (excluding exhibitors since the majority were NA).
  • There was high satisfaction (more than 75%) with availability of materials on the website.
  • There was some dissatisfaction with elections, resolutions, and the C&C approval process. From text responses, it seemed some of this reflected lack of clarity on the issues being voted on. Bishop High would like to address this by raising awareness of each deanery’s role in discussing issues ahead of Convention to increase participation
  • Close to 90% of responses were very satisfied or satisfied with the Eucharist, so clearly we are in the right place as Episcopalians!
  • People seemed to appreciate the content presented in the workshops, and many people enjoyed having a little fun through the entertainment.
  • The negative responses relating to exhibits, according to the comments section, appeared to primarily be that people would like MORE exhibits.
  • Questions related to the venue received the highest percentage of negative responses. Less than half of those responding were satisfied with the venue as a whole.
  • The multi-level space, along with lift problems, created accessibility issues, and the microphone setup in the business sessions was unexpectedly problematic.

What did people like best? The Eucharist, the “Holy Foolishness,” Bishop Andrew Doyle’s homily, and being together, fellowship, the general feeling of good will.


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