Constitution & Canons

The Constitution and Canons Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the living, governing documents that define the procedures and processes to conduct the operations of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and its churches and institutions to enhance the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Current Documents: Constitution – 2015 Canons – 2016 Members: Members (as of Nov, 2016) are Jon Back; Good Shepherd, Granbury Bill Greenhill; All Saints’, Fort Worth Fred Barber; All Saints’,…

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is one of the organizations involved in the governance of our diocese and includes both lay and clergy leaders. The Constitution of the Episcopal Church (Article IV) describes the role of diocesan Standing Committees in this way: When there is a Bishop in charge of the Diocese, the Standing Committee shall be the Bishop’s Council of Advice. If there be no Bishop or Bishop Coadjutor or Suffragan Bishop canonically authorized…

Disciplinary Board

Intake Officer Disciplinary Board President Members Annette Mayer Barbara Evans-Chowning Becky Snell Connie Lefler Janet Nocher Scot McComas

Mission and Outreach

Meet the members of the Mission and Outreach Committee for 2017: Chair – Dr. Tim Stevens The Rev. Bob Gross Ms. Gretchen Smith Dr. Jane Dennis The Rev. Karen Calafat Mr. Fred Morgan Mr. Tom Foster 2017 Grant Proposals The application is currently open for the 2017 mission and outreach grant process. View information and apply online here.