Constitution & Canons

The Constitution and Canons Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the living, governing documents that define the procedures and processes to conduct the operations of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and its churches and institutions to enhance the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Current Documents: Constitution – 2018 Canons – 2018 Members: Members (as of Nov, 2019) are Chair – Jon back, church of the good shepherd, granbury Activities The committee incorporates any…

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has three lay members and three clergy members. (Hover your cursor over the photos to see names.) Officers President – The Rev. Karen Calafat, St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth Members Dr. Jane Dennis, St. Luke’s, Stephenville Mr. Bob Hicks, St. Christopher, Fort Worth Dr. David Skelton, St. Mary’s, Hillsboro The Rev. Dana Wilson, St. Luke’s, Stephenville The Rev. Tony Hiatt, Church of the Resurrection, Decatur Role of the committee The Standing Committee of the Episcopal…

Executive Council

The Executive Council carries on the work of the Diocesan Convention during the rest of the year when the Convention is not in session. It consists of nine at-large members, one member from each of the five deaneries and various ex-officio members (see the chart below). Meetings of the Executive Council are open to anyone who would like to attend and see how the governance of the diocese works. Executive Council Committees of Executive Council Finance Committee

Disciplinary Board

Intake Officer Contact the intake officer at Disciplinary Board President   Contact the disciplinary board president at Members

Mission and Outreach

Meet the members of the Mission and Outreach Committee for 2020: Chair – Donna Clopton Ms. Gretchen Smith Dr. Jane Dennis The Rev. Karen Calafat Mr. Keen Haynes Mr. Tom Foster The Rev. Allison Liles Grant Proposals The application for mission and outreach grants will be open from February 4 to March 31. View information and apply online here.