C&C Overhaul Project seeks your input

C&C Overhaul Project seeks your input

The diocesan Constitution and Canons Committee is on target to complete by year’s end its review of the constitutions and canons (“C&C”) of the other 110 dioceses of The Episcopal Church (TEC), and is seeking input from the people of the diocese by December 31.  How can you, as a leader of the church, help in this project?

The committee invites and needs your voice and perspective.

  1. Please respond to the survey. Diocesan and congregation leaders are especially urged to give input into the overhaul project of the diocesan constitution and canons (“C&C”).  The C&C Committee hopes to receive your comments by December 31 (deadline extended by popular demand).
  2. Read and become familiar with the current constitution and canons so that you are familiar with our governing documents as you work in your own congregation.  Make it a holiday project:  Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up, and breeze through the C&Cs, making notes of what structures and processes work well and what does not–and then share your ideas.
  3. Encourage members of your congregation to participate in this project by responding to the survey and attending the public hearings that will be scheduled in 2014.  Offer your church as a venue for diocesan-wide meetings, and invite a member of the C&C task force to speak to your vestry and/or adult forum.

The overhaul task force will work throughout 2014 to analyze ideas from our sister dioceses and begin to redraft our local C&Cs to propose amendments that will correct numerous roadblocks and recast our governing documents to better reflect and support an efficient, nimble implementation of the mission and ministry of this diocese.

Want more information? Contact Kathleen Wells (contact information removed); George Komechak (contact information removed); or the diocesan Constitution & Canons Committee (constitution-canons.committee@edfw.org).

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