Blue Christmas service December 17

Blue Christmas service December 17

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is offering a Blue Christmas worship service at 7 pm, December 17, 2020, on the  Diocese of Fort Worth YouTube Channel and at .

In normal times, Christmas can be a hard season for people who have experienced loss or whose lives don’t match the cultural images of the season. This year the coronavirus pandemic has caused losses not only through the death of loved ones, but also with the loss of jobs, the loss of physical contact with family and friends because of quarantines, the loss of in-person worship; indeed, the loss of our ‘normal” lives.

Our hope is that this quiet contemplative service will be a safe place for people to be transparent with themselves and with God, a safe place to admit that maybe they are not okay at the moment, that maybe what they are really feeling is sad, discouraged, or even angry.

This Blue Christmas liturgy makes space for our grief by pointing us not towards the happy holy family where all is neat and tidy, but instead towards the God of love who comes to us in the midst of the mess and pain we know in our own everyday lives and the lives of those around us.

This service is part of the ongoing online worship services offered by the diocese. As with all our services, the Blue Christmas service will remain available for people to access any time they wish following the initial service time.

Worship leaflets can be downloaded here. The text of the sermons can be read here the day of the service. All are welcome at all our worship services.

December 17th at 7:00 PM.

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