Bishop Scott Mayer’s nominations and appointments

Bishop Scott Mayer’s nominations and appointments

Each year at convention, Bishop Scott Mayer makes his nominations and appointments to various positions for the next year. The complete list is below.

Bishop’s Nominations and Appointments – 2019

Secretary: The Rev. Dr. Andrew Wright for a one-year term

Treasurer: Mr. David Lowder for a one-year term

Chancellor: Ms. Sandy Liser for a one-year term

Registrar: The Rev. Tracie Middleton for a one-year term

Historiographer: Ms. Karen Shepherd for a one-year term

Trustee for The Corporation: Mr. Robert Bass for a five-year term

Trustees for The Fund for the Endowment of the Episcopate:
(5-9 total, made up of lay and clergy, with maximum of 2 clergy, for one-year terms)

The Rev. James Hazel

Mr. Robert Hicks

Mr. Shannon Shipp

Mr. David Skelton

Mr. Whit Smith


Assistant Secretary – The Rev. Tracie Middleton

Assistant Treasurer – Mrs. Adriana Cline

Assistant Chancellor – Mr. Bill Greenhill

Ecumenical Officer – The Rev. Bill Stanford

Commission on Ministry (The Rev. Bill Stanford, Chair)
Terms ending 2021: Ms. Sidia Miranda, Ms. Sue Durbec, The Rev. Courtland Moore, The Rev. Bradley Dyche, The Rev. Amy Haynie

Disciplinary Board Intake Officer – The Rev. David Madison

Church Attorney – Ms. Jane Jolley

Constitution & Canons Committee (The Rev. Andrew Wright, Chair)
Terms ending 2021:     Ms. Jennifer Rodgers, The Rev. Christopher Thomas, The Rev. Lynne Waltman

NB: As per the 2015 revision to the diocesan canons, the members of the Finance Committee are now appointed after Convention, and the appointments are confirmed by Executive Council.