Bishop Scott Mayer to attend Episcopal Youth Event

Bishop Scott Mayer to attend Episcopal Youth Event

Bishop Scott Mayer will attend the 2017 Episcopal Youth Event July 10-14 at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK, accompanying the youth delegations from the Diocese of Fort Worth and the Diocese of Northwest Texas.

“Of all the events in The Episcopal Church that I have attended, the Episcopal Youth Event is one I never want to miss,” he said. “It is eye-opening how much they do and and how well they do it. It is transformative, informative, and just plain fun.”

There is room for 1,000 participants, 24 of which can come from our diocese. Cost is $350. This includes 11 meals, lodging during the event, all EYE17 workshops and plenary sessions, and any other regularly planned activities during EYE17. It does not include transportation to and from Oklahoma or any pre-or post-EYE17 activities. The diocese will pay for transportation as a group to Oklahoma.

One of the best things about EYE, Mayer said, is that it lets young people from parts of the country where Episcopalians are in a distinct minority meet hundreds of other young Episcopalians. It allows them to get some sense of the breadth of their church.

“I hope we can fill every one of the 24 slots each diocese is allocated. And please don’t let cost alone be a barrier. We will find a way to get anyone who wants to go to Oklahoma,”he said.

The deadline for applications is January 31.

Read more about EYE, applications, and requirements here. 

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