Bishop Mayer’s Easter message: “Love can bring light”

Bishop Mayer’s Easter message: “Love can bring light”

Bishop Scott Mayer has issued an Easter message.


“He is risen! He is risen indeed!”

This is the Paschal greeting, the Easter Acclamation. It is an amazingly simple statement, just seven words, but words upon which rest all of Christianity.

This short statement describes the culmination of the foundational story of our faith, that of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection. The Cross was not the end. The power of God’s love reached into the Tomb and vanquished death, changing the world forever.

In this happy season let us embrace the new life of Easter, let us open ourselves to awe and amazement at the immensity of God’s love. The love that reached into that Tomb in Jerusalem can reach into your life, into my life, and raise us up out of all the small ways we are dead. Where we feel dead to joy, to love, to new relationships with our neighbors, that love can bring resurrection. In all the dark personal tombs in our hearts, that love can bring light.

And all we have to do is be still, and know that he is risen. He is risen indeed, for us all, every one.

Have a blessed Easter.