Bishop Mayer visits St. Elisabeth/Christ the King

Bishop Mayer visits St. Elisabeth/Christ the King

Bishop Mayer visited St. Elisabeth and Christ the King on the Second Sunday after Epiphany, January 19, 2020. He preached and celebrated. There was a luncheon after the service.

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In his sermon, he said, “The word “epiphany” means manifest, show forth, reveal, make known. For example, Jesus is an epiphany of God, as He makes God known.  He reveals God. No less true, Jesus is an epiphany of humanity, as He reveals what it is to be fully human. Fully divine. Fully human. An epiphany of both.

“We can look in the Book of Common Prayer and read that the mission and purpose of the Church is to participate in God’s mission of reconciliation – restoring humankind to union with God and one another.  The Church is an instrument of God’s purpose of reconciliation – of restoring communion. And the way we do that is by revealing God. We reveal the forgiveness, the mercy, the grace, the love of God. We strive to walk in the “Way of Love.”

“In that sense, the Church is an epiphany of God, although we fall short of fully revealing God.  We are called to manifest God; to make God known; to be the living Body of Christ – the outward, visible sign of Christ to the world. As Christians, we are an epiphany people.”

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