Assessment Task Force reports to Executive Council

Assessment Task Force reports to Executive Council

Mr. John Banks, All Saints’, Fort Worth, chair of the Diocesan Assessment Task Force, reported on the work of the task force at the January, 2015, meeting of the Executive Council.

Read a report of that meeting here.

The task force was established by Resolution FC1, Establishment of an Assessment Task Force at  the 2014 Diocesan Convention.It met for the first time on Saturday, January 17, 2015, to organize itself and begin work. Members of the task force are

  • Chair, Mr. Banks
  • Mr. Robert Hicks, St. Christopher, Fort Worth
  • Mr. Dick Van Gorder, All Saints’, Fort Worth
  • Mr. Brent Walker, Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls
  • the Rev. Jim Hazel, non-parochial
  • the Rev. Carlye Hughes, Trinity, Fort Worth
  • the Rev. Christopher Jambor, All Saints’, Fort Worth
  • the Rev. Janet Waggoner, canon to the ordinary
  • Bishop Rayford B. High, Jr.

Banks reported, “There was extensive general discussion of the parameters and scope of the work of this committee. It was observed that while the focus of this task force is explicitly to determine the “supply side” of the diocesan budget, it will be necessary to explore various assumptions and aspects of our diocesan life, present and future, in order to make a recommendation. There are many considerations . . . flat-rate vs. tiered-rate . . .  Many aspects of this must be explored.”

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