All invited to join Women of the Passion in retreat

All invited to join Women of the Passion in retreat

Everyone — men as well as women — is invited to take part in a half-day Lenten retreat at St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Saturday, March 25. A light lunch will be served, so please RSVP to so enough food can be prepared.

“Women of the Passion: A Journey to the Cross” is based on a book of the same name. It will start with registration at 8:30 am. At 9 am, participants will take part in an hour-long study led by the book’s author, Katie Sherrod, ending in three meditations featuring the Woman Who Anoints, the High Priest’s Maid, and Pilate’s Wife.

Then readers from among the gathering will give voice to the women from Scripture who encountered Jesus as they stay faithfully with him while he carries his cross to Calvary, is crucified, and dies. This is done in the liturgical format of the Stations of the Cross.

The women accompanying Jesus on this journey to the cross include the Woman with the flow of blood; the Bent-Over Woman, the Syrophoenician Woman, the wife of Simon of Cyrene, Veronica, the Widow, the Women of Jerusalem, the wife of Cleopas, Salome, wife of Zebedee; the Women taken in adultery, Mary Magdalen, and Mary, his mother.

The light lunch will then be served in the parish hall.

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