A statement from the Standing Committee on the search for the next Provisional Bishop

A statement from the Standing Committee on the search for the next Provisional Bishop

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I write to share an update on the work of the Standing Committee in our efforts to identify the next Provisional Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. We recognize the importance of this task and approach it seriously and prayerfully.

Since last November, we have grappled with the needs of the Diocese at this critical stage of our life together. We have looked at traits and characteristics that we feel will best serve the ministry to which we have all been called. The discussions have been very thoughtful. We have been enriched by the numerous ways that members of the Diocese have participated in the process and shared their perspectives. Recently, we feel as if we have been called to explore new and creative ways to provide the Diocese with the Episcopal oversight we so desperately desire. Are there approaches that have not necessarily been seen in other dioceses facing our challenges and possessing our potential?

We are happy to report that we have engaged in many conversations with bishops from all across the country. Some are happy to continue the conversations; some feel as if current responsibilities preclude them from serving as our Provisional Bishop. However, we feel as if we are making excellent progress in our ultimate goal of calling the next Provisional Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth at our convention in November. We recognize that we might have to call upon the services of other bishops to assist the Provisional Bishop. Perhaps a “team approach” would help meet the different needs we currently possess.

Please continue to offer prayers for the Standing Committee as we work towards identifying the next Provisional Bishop. We offer prayers for each other at 8:45 each morning. If you are so inclined, your prayer support is desired and appreciated. I remain,

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. David A. Madison
President, Standing Committee