2013 VBS Program from the Society of St. Andrew

2013 VBS Program from the Society of St. Andrew

The Society of St. Andrew announces that their 2013 Vacation Bible School Mission Program is ready to order or download now from their VBS page.

“Superheroes of the Faith” – SoSA’s VBS Mission Program is designed to be used either as a stand-alone program or as a mission emphasis to compliment your church’s Vacation Bible School program.

“Each day your students will be introduced to a different biblical character who did amazing things for God. “Superheroes of the Faith” is a complete VBS program that includes a Bible story, and related game, craft, snack, and music ideas. In addition, each day your VBS students will meet a modern-day superhero who is doing great things for God’s Kingdom and your students will learn how they can use their hands to help feed God’s hungry children.

Besides the fun and educational aspects of this mission project, the goal for each VBS is to raise enough money, through student offerings, for 1,000 pounds of fresh produce to end up on the plates of hungry children and adults. At 6¢ cents a pound, that’s a goal of $60. The fresh food will be donated by SoSA to feeding agencies across the nation to feed hungry children and adults. Because SoSA is such an economical ministry, we can provide all of this food for about 6¢ a pound! It’s a simple, effective way to obey Jesus’ command to feed the hungry while being good stewards of our nation’s abundance.”

Learn more about this free program.