Doing church differently

The diocese is offering online worship opportunities for the duration of this public health crisis

Greetings from the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, and the entire Episcopal Church, welcomes you in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are a welcoming and affirming group of local Christian communities in and around the Fort Worth area who are united with The Episcopal Church, a province of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and a part of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

We pray that you will be inspired to learn more about The Episcopal Church. You might just be surprised at what you find.

When you are ready, we would love for you to visit one of our congregations.

Be alert, be calm, and take precautions against the coronavirus

Evangelism Intiative launched

For the unchurched, the dechurched, those hurt by the church, those told God hates them.

Episcopalians and other faith leaders speak out in wake of Atatiana Jefferson murder

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4301 Meadowbrook Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76103

  • 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, M-F
    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 8695, Fort Worth, TX 76124

  • 817-534-1900

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Set our sights on Jesus

This is the sermon the Rev. Karen Calafat preached at the diocesan worship service for the Third Sunday in Lent, March 7, 2021. ———— Lent 3B March 7, 2021 The Rev. Karen A. Calafat John 2:13-22 The Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the temple he found people selling cattle, sheep, and doves, and the money changers seated at their tables. Making a whip of cords, he drove all of them out of…

“Joy anyway”

This is the sermon Bishop Scott Mayer preached at the diocesan worship service for the Second Sunday of Lent, February 28, 2021. Watch it below or on YouTube. The text is below the video. ——– Lent 2 B Mark By now you know that we lost. In the course of a long interview this week,  I told a news reporter that I grieve with you, and I hurt for you,  but that I’m not worried about you. He was taken…

An ark of love and mercy

This is the sermon the Rev. Allison Sandlin Liles preached at the diocesan worship service for the First Sunday in Lent, February 21, 2021. ——- The Rev. Allison Sandlin Liles Lent 1B 2021 Genesis 9:8-17 The story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood is one of the most well-known stories of the Old Testament. It’s featured heavily in every children’s bible we own and was a fan favorite of my childhood Sunday School teachers.  Two parishes I previously served…

Every riven thing

This is the meditation the Rev. Kevin Johnson, St. Alban’s, Theatre. Arlington, gave at the diocesan worship service for Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021. ——– I have mixed feelings about Ash Wednesday.  I both profoundly appreciate the reality of acknowledging that I am an imperfect human being.  And something about the language and actions of Ash Wednesday seems to clash with the truth I know, which is that every child of God is created in the perfect image of God…