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Button tests – look at in HTML/Text editor

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This page shows possibilities for getting spreadsheet info into peoples’ hands.

Spreadsheet- PDF uploaded to WordPress media library

  • most current desktop/laptop browserscandisplayapdf natively
    • your individual browser settings can/could be set to download it instead of try to display it
  • most mobile devices will download and then open in a default app, or just download and tell you it’s done downloading and then YOU have to open it. Customer satisfaction depends on what they know.
  • definitely use PDF when format must be completely fixed and ready for paper

Spreadsheet – excel, uploaded to WordPress media library

  • will force you to download and open with whatever program you have that opens excel, both in desktop/laptop & mobile
    • or maybe your mobile is set up differently
  • you have to have something that opens excel either or desktop or mobile
    • open office
    • excel viewer
    • smartphone app
    • excel
    • office

Budget – link to Google Doc that has permission “anyone with the link”

  • will open in a browser on desktop or mobile
  • your mobile may ask you whether you want to open it with a specific program (Chrome, Safari, Google Drive) OR your mobile may have a default setting already
  • is downloadable (file, save as) for offline viewing