Donation Form - New Life Fund (DRAFT)

Donation Form - New Life Fund (DRAFT)

An email address allows the form to send you a verification that it was successfully received. Also, if we need to clarify details of your donation, the bookkeeper is able to contact you.
Check here if you'd like to recieve news from the diocese in your email inbox.
You can use this form to make individual donations, or you can set up an automatic recurring payment.

Recurring Payments

Select one of these options only if you plan to use a debit or credit card.
For example, 2 annual donations or 24 monthly donations...
Enter the amount of each donation, not the end total

Single Payment

If this is not the amount you intended, go back to the "Amount" question to change it.
Please use this space for any additional information regarding your donation.
Select the month and year for the card's expiration date
Please select a valid form


Button tests – look at in HTML/Text editor

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This page shows possibilities for getting spreadsheet info into peoples’ hands.

Spreadsheet- PDF uploaded to WordPress media library

  • most current desktop/laptop browserscandisplayapdf natively
    • your individual browser settings can/could be set to download it instead of try to display it
  • most mobile devices will download and then open in a default app, or just download and tell you it’s done downloading and then YOU have to open it. Customer satisfaction depends on what they know.
  • definitely use PDF when format must be completely fixed and ready for paper

Spreadsheet – excel, uploaded to WordPress media library

  • will force you to download and open with whatever program you have that opens excel, both in desktop/laptop & mobile
    • or maybe your mobile is set up differently
  • you have to have something that opens excel either or desktop or mobile
    • open office
    • excel viewer
    • smartphone app
    • excel
    • office

Budget – link to Google Doc that has permission “anyone with the link”

  • will open in a browser on desktop or mobile
  • your mobile may ask you whether you want to open it with a specific program (Chrome, Safari, Google Drive) OR your mobile may have a default setting already
  • is downloadable (file, save as) for offline viewing