Update on prayer visitor project

Update on prayer visitor project

The Prayer Ministry Project has developed into a ministry that has two distinctive parts. The first part, people pray and plan to visit a specific congregation for four Sundays beginning with Sunday One. The second part, people offer intercessions for specific congregations but cannot plan to visit on Sunday One.

Congregations still in need of a Prayer Visitor

These congregations need people to consider becoming an intentional Prayer Visitor or Intercessor:

  • Arlington, St. Mark
  • Arlington, St. Peter & St. Paul
  • Arlington, St. Philip
  • Eastland, Holy Trinity
  • Fort Worth, St. Michael
  • Mineral Wells, St. Luke

Congregations with Intercessors

These congregations are being prayed for by specific individuals and groups who cannot visit on Sunday One:

  • Bowie, St. Patrick
  • Brownwood, Good Shepherd
  • Brownwood, St. John
  • Burkburnett, St. John the Divine
  • FW, Iglesia San Juan Apostol
  • FW, Iglesia San Miguel
  • Grand Prairie, St. Joseph
  • Henrietta, Trinity
  • Jacksboro, St. Thomas the Apostle
Congregations with Prayer Visitors Praying and will visit

These congregations have at least one person praying for and planning to visit on Sunday One:
  • Alvarado, St. Anthony
  • Bedford, St. Vincent’s
  • Breckenridge, St. Andrew
  • Bridgeport, Ascension & St. Mark
  • Comanche, St. Matthew
  • Dublin, Trinity
  • Fort Worth, St. John
  • Fort Worth, St. Timothy
  • Gainesville, St. Paul
  • Grand Prairie, St. Andrew
  • Grapevine, St. Laurence
  • Hubbard, St. Alban
  • Keller, St. Barnabas
  • Laguna Park, Our Lady of the Lake
  • Mansfield, St. Gregory
  • Possum Kingdom Lake, St. Peter-by-the-Lake
  • Graham, Holy Spirit
  • Cleburne, Holy Comforter

Congregations praying for specific congregations:

All Saints at the Arc, Good Shepherd and St. Stephens in Wichita Falls, and St. Mary’s Hillsboro.

St. Alban’s Hubbard and Our Lady of the Lake Laguna Park are being prayed for intentionally by the congregation of St. Mary’s Hillsboro.

People who have joined the ministry: 

Joe, Joel, Jane, Lyn, Deanna, Linda, Kathleen, Melissa, Rebecca, Jane, Thomas, Susann,Cindy, Emily, Julie, Lary, Shelly, Lisa, Richard, Jack, Cari, Mo, JD, David, Roberta, Elinor, Jacque, Celia, Anita, Ed, Deneice, Marian, Ralph, Cheryl, Barbara, Marilyn, Rob, Edwina